Swiss Precision Component Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Swiss Precision Component Manufacturing (SPCM) is a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is able to provide solutions for customers requiring both plastic and metal stamped components. With in-house design and tool fabrication capabilities, accompanied with mass production versatility of different volume requirements, we have gained trust and confidence from all our customers in the electronics and automotive industry.

Since its acquisition as a small entity focusing on serving the connector industry back in 2008, SPCM has vertically integrated rapidly over the years. Investments in high tonnage presses and in-house degreasing line were made to support customers’ ever-growing requirement. With its latest addition of a plastic injection molding division in 2012 and spring manufacturing capabilities in the near future, we are set to differentiate ourselves from competition in providing a one-stop component manufacturing solution.

A newly-formed strategic alliance with KEBO AG, a high performance mold maker from Switzerland specializing in medical, packaging and caps, reinforces both management teams` common goal in providing better quality and service to our customers in Asia and beyond.

Company Profile
Year incorporated 2001
Factory built-in area 2,200 sq meters
Bankers Bank of China
General Manager Michael Pong
Factory Address

No.1588 Building A, Zhuang Xin Road,
Zhuan Qiao Zhen, Min Hang Zone,   
Shanghai, 201108 P.R.China    
Tel: (86) 021 5488 7100   
Fax: (86) 021 5488 4200 / 5200

Equipment & Facilities

Stamping Equipment

  • Bruderer BSTA 25L (High Speed) Press
  • Bruderer BSTA 50L (High Speed) Press
  • Chin Fong 110 Ton Power Press
  • Aida 200 Ton Power Press
  • Aida 300 Ton Power Press

Plastic Injection Molding Equipment

  • Haitian SA 3800
  • Engel 1050H/500W/350
  • Haitian SA 3200
  • Donghua TTI-320FX
  • Engel ES2000/300
  • Donghua TTI-220FX
  • Donghua TTI-100FX
  • Arburg 420C1000-200
  • Demag Ergotech 100-200

QC Equipment

  • Rational VMS-1510G Vision Scope
  • Rational VMS-2525G Vision Scope
  • Mitutoyo MF Series Tool Maker’s Scope
  • Mitutoyo PH-3500 Profile Projector
  • Mitutoyo PH-3500F Profile Projector
  • Algol NK-50 Force Tester (Pull/Push)

Toolroom Equipment

  • Charmilles ROBOFIL 2020SI CNC Wire-cut
  • Sodick AQ 300L CNC Wire-cut
  • Sodick AQ 325L CNC Wire-cut
  • Sodick AQ 535L CNC Wire-cut
  • Sodick AQ 750L CNC Wire-cut
  • Ard M50CA EDM Machine
  • Waida PGX-2500N CNC Optical Profile Grinder
  • Mitsubishi M-V5CN CNC Machining Center
  • Pinnacle VMC 1100S CNC Machining Center
  • Mitsui MSG 200MH Surface Grinding Machine
  • Okamoto ACC-350II Surface Grinding Machine
  • Dowell SDG-618 Surface Grinding Machine
  • Kent KGS 510AHD Surface Grinding Machine
  • Kent KGS 63AHD Surface Grinding Machine
  • Seiki MDV-30 Manual Milling Machine
  • Seiki SHCM-97VS Manual Milling Machine
  • Fuho VBS 2012HE Vertical Band Saw
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